> Burning Man 2007

Desert Polar Creatures
Penguin Portrait
Ping Pong Display
Flags on the Playa
Tree of Bones & Burning Man
Tree of Bones & Whimsical Art Car
Ant Art Car Rocks the Playa
Thunderdome: Days Since Last Injury = 0
Phone Booth to Nowhere
Tree House in a Storm
Interactive Art
Dust Tornado on the Playa
Whimsical Bike
Bicycle Army Gathers on the Playa
Random Art to Stumble Upon....
Hang Your Bike....
Monkey Masks...
The Impressive Monkey Display...
Caught Out...
The Semi
The Semi at Sunset
3 Story Temple
Tree House at Sunset
Down Time
Entry to Burning Man
Because I loved it...
Metal Lion
A Song for Me
Improv Song
Art Car at Night
Flame Party
Flame Cars
Carriage of Light
Donkey Greeter
Night Lights
Long legs
Burning Man
Burning Man
Burning Man Explosion
Burning Man on Fire
Fireworks at the Rig
Fireworks at the Rig II
Mushroom Cloud
The Rig on Fire
Rig on Fire II