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Mar 11, 2008



The sheer size of the universe is impossible to imagine. Looking at this picture, we're seeing an object not to distant from our own galaxy. But take a closer. You can see hundreds of "smudges" in what appears to be the background. Those are most likely more galaxies.

I used to think that this vastness made me small, but now it just makes me feel incredibly fortunate. Being sentient, having the opportunity to look that far into the past and to understand that new wonders remain undiscovered brings a sense of uninhibited joy.


I was sitting one night out on the hood of my car in upstate New York. There was no moon and it was one of those icy cold, crystal clear nights. As I looked up at the stars and my eyes adjusted, I had the humbling realization that there was no spot in the sky that didn't have a star. Amazing.

- Heida

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