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Jan 30, 2008



This is why I hate those damn meat companies. Look at those poor animals. Their being starved and beaten. that makes me cry. They have done nothing wrong and don't deserve that kind of treatment. makes me want to become a vegetarian, though I know this kind of torture again slaughterhouse animals will continue. Poor things.


Thanks for your comments, Daniel, and I agree entirely that the current system is not a model that works. I recently looked into the mass farming practices for other animals, including pigs and chickens and was horrified at the common, everyday practices that led to certain suffering for the animals. These are sadly not isolated incidences, but rather the result of a 'mass production' model. While going vegetarian isn't for everyone, much can be done through more moderate meat consumption and support of local farms. These are two great ways to make a difference. - Heida

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