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Aug 29, 2007



Hello Heida,
How r u ?
How was your trip to jordan ? U remember me I'm tania from Morocco.

I guess that jordan is different than Morocco but still an arabic and muslim country. I'm sure u have some pictures to share with us ;)

sorry but I can't help u with that new tool that u r wishing to have

Good luck
see u soon

fantasy writer guy

The software application MapInfo comes to mind but it's more a database program for serious db analysts. You'd have to factor in a lot of programming to arrive at the kind of package you're after.

Heida Biddle

Thanks FWG! I'll check that out. I also found some mashups with google maps that provide a few of the things I'd like to see. But none take it quite all the way.



Heida Biddle

Hi Tania - I'm glad you were able to stop by!



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