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Jul 23, 2007



This sounds like a parody of the website Very funny, albeit rather politically incorrect. I'd hate to see how my feeble attempts at Japanese would translate.


I've heard this phrase bantered about but couldn't place it. Just did a Google search and came up with this Wikipedia article:


That line is pretty popular in the 'geek' community. Mostly, I've seen hackers and crackers using this phrase. I wonder what was the site that popped up this message, that too when you were submitting a survey.

It can either be a sign of a humorous attempt OR the site was defaced.

- Avi


Thanks Avinash and Lanora --
I'm now the wiser on this one :)! - heida

fantasy writer guy

My glasses are woefully outdated. I thought it said "All your bones are belonged to us!" the first two times I read it.

Okay - that wasn't very helpful was it?

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