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Jul 30, 2007


Ian at NRDC

Heida -- just wanted to say thanks on behalf of all my colleagues at NRDC, who've had to waste a lot of time in recent years defending those core environmental laws. The good news is, the environmental community has been largely successful in defending those laws from the worst of the onslaught -- the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, Marine Mammals Protection Act are still intact, despite numerous and creative attempts to gut each of them. We're right on the law, and we're winning.

You might be interested in NRDC's new blogsite, a kind of "planet NRDC" that provisions the lawyers, scientists, and policy experts at NRDC who work in the trenches every day with their own blogs, with which to tell stories about what they're working on and why it matters. See


Heida Biddle

Hi Ian,

I'm so pleased you were able to leave a comment here.

Thanks to everyone at NRDC for bringing visibility to what was happening, and thanks, too for the link to the Switchboard site. I'll be checking it out!



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