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Jul 14, 2007


Fantasy Writer Guy

What - you've never been to Greenland? Yeesh. You don't get out much!


That's a pretty impressive list. Looking at the map it dawns on you just how many places there are to visit in the wonderful world out there.


Italy? from Italy!


Good to see you here, ublogtoo :)!It's a beautiful country you have!

- heida


Hi Geedos - and thanks! It's hard to imagining going back to any of the countries I've visited because there are so many more unique and interesting ones out there!



Hi FWG - thanks for your visits and it's always nice to see you pop up under 'recent readers'! And alas, poor Greenland has been left off the list for now. I was thinking the map might look more interesting if I could get Russia and Greenland in there.... balance out north and south ;)...

- Heida

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