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Jul 30, 2007



Ah yes the Dell customer support experience. A family member of mine had an equally un-fulfilling encounter with them recently.

At least you got your problem sorted out - fingers crossed!


Thanks, Geedos! Yes, things are back on track for now, but Vista surely is making to road a rocky one!

- Heida


Thats why my 3 computers run XP. They are Dell as I have had great service from them but the support? I wont even go there! Not going to switch to Vista for a long time due to the problems everyone is having.


Ohhhh honey, get a Mac! You'll love the way it seamlessly handles peripherals, and the graphics manipulation software like Aperture are a photographer's dream. Once you go Mac, you'll never go back ;o)
(very happy Mac user for 5 & 1/2 years)

Heida Biddle

Oh how I wish I could. Years ago I managed development of Mac software, and loved the system. Sadly, I work with so many companies that are windows focused (where compatibility is an issue) that I can only dream of Mac, and buy the occasional toy (iPhone, iPod) to make myself feel better :). Some day!


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