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Jun 29, 2007



I very much enjoyed reading about your trip to Jordan - glad you made it back ok.

Where are you planning to visit next? I'm very jealous of all the traveling you get to do!


I think that is one place I will let other people go. I love to fly, but not quite that high. Glad to see you are back safe and sound Heida. It must be wonderful to travel and enjoy your passion for photography.

Jeremy Jacobs



Thanks, Geedos and Rick. It's good to be home! And I'm glad you were able to stop by and follow a little of the trip

- Heida


Actually Heida you can a sorta do this now by going to Russia and having a flight in a MIG 25 Fox bat. It was originally designed to climb to the edge of space and shoot down the U2 spy plane!


Thanks, Steve. Thanks for calling that out. Anyone who wants to book their flight can visit...

:) - Heida

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