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May 10, 2007


Fantasy Writer Guy

I have the sense that religon in it's origin needn't have conflicted with any science but that over thousands of years humans have done to religon what humans do best - corrupted it with the self-serving agendas of individuals. Any structure (including politics and all business) that tempts frail humans with the attainment of positions is doomed to complete perversion and duplicity. Also raised RC I saw hypocracy and self-evident lies there and fled. Only now am I finally seeing some great wisdom in the bible that priests are utterly blind to, slave to the misteachings of their corrupt superiors. Religon - like all societal structures - is nothing but illusion.


Hi F W G -

Thanks for your comment!

I have to agree that anywhere we see absolute power, there will be those who might abuse it to the detriment of those with better intentions!

As I look at these situations, I feel we can only 'move forward' if we fully embrace 'that which is in front of us'. Science is such an incredible tool, that I hope we can free it to propel us into a better understanding of the world.

In that vein, California passed a resolution to fund stem cell research some time ago, but it's been tied up in the courts. A congratulations to California for finally winning their suit and getting the green light to start the funding.

- heida

Ed Darrell

The campaign against evolution is entrenched, well-funded, long-lived, and persistent. There is no lobby for evolution, on the other hand.

It astounds me that more U.S. churches don't make it known among their members that creationism is not an approved view -- Methodists, Mormons, Catholics, for examples. The problem is not just a misunderstanding of science, it is also a profound misunderstanding of Christianity.

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