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May 14, 2007



I completely agree with your opining and question whether Hollywood's young and famous are Fashionistas or Fashion Victims? Skinny jeans with large belts are also on my taboo list as well as the empire waisted tops that resemble maternity wear.
The only benefit of this conservative trend is that we will no longer have to endure the thong peeking out of the jeans and unsightly midriff that teenage girls have been sporting the last few years. As a response, my updated wardrobe contains nothing but skirts and dresses. While designers are forcing their rendition of a tired look in pants, even a high waisted A-line skirt is flattering on nearly everyone and reflects the classy glamour reminiscant of the 1940's. I just embrace my own personal style and fuhgettaboutit!


Thanks so much for the second on that one Kytari.

And I agree entirely on your other points as well!

Ultimately, the game is to pick things that are flattering and, for me personally, just to have a little fun while I'm at it :).

- heida

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