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Apr 03, 2007


Fantasy Writer Guy

Just wanted to leave a word of praise for this marvelous journal! Enchanting, inspiring, intelligent and balanced - from what I've seen so far. A gem indeed. I'm now embarrassed of my own blog.

Thank you for this offering. I'm much enjoying it!


Thank you for that kindness and I hope to see you stopping by this neck of the woods from time to time!

Cheers :)!


Mr. Besilly

I love the purple flowers shot. The low angle and backdrop is exceptional. It has heart. I just hung some of my spring flowers photos at if you care to take a look.

How often to you shoot? What camera model to you shoot with?


Thanks so much Mr Besilly!

I recently moved into digital with the Canon EOS XT and a Tamron 28-300 lens and have loved the results a hobbiest can get from them. And I most love taking pictures when on the road and experiencing something new -- very inspiring :).

Lovely photos on your site by the way -- stunning color! I'd love to know what you use to get those beautiful close ups!



mr. besilly

You travel to such great locations I can see why the picts keep coming. You're into Canon digital as well.

I use a Canon EOS 30D with a 28-135 image stabilzer lens. I will eventually pull in a better macro lens but still toying with my new gear.


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